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Coaching: A New Age Leadership Competency

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Tentang Kelas

  1. Coaching skills are the must have skill by every today and future leader that provide them powerful ability to develop talent to their fullest potential as goals.
  2. Coaching skills are actually living skills that are needed in every aspect of our living life to succeed much more, be it growth and happiness for yourself, your family, and others.
  3. The wonderful thing about being a coach is it can either be a permanent, part- time or a casual pursuit that can be used enable for whoever, wherever and whenever.
  4. Leaders with coaching skills are powerful people builders who can help build talents and grow high performance people to strengthen and expand their organization’s human capital pool.
  5. Coaches are transformational agents who can help to build a coaching culture for high morale and performance to drive far better results.
  6. Coaches are charismatic leaders who can empower, inspire and guide people towards a path of solid collaboration and partnership.
  7. Any professional with coaching skills will gain exceptional success for they can win trust, connect, communicate, and attract people easily.
  8. Coaching is really a rewarding and fulfilling mission, and perhaps the best form of charity that teaches you to be kind, helpful and generous in supporting people to gain happiness and grow in their lives.
  9. Coaching give opportunity to leave a legacy through touching someone’s live and make a difference in them.
  10. Gain the prestige of studying at Asia’s Award Winning Coaching School.
  11. Opportunity Enjoy the full benefits of our ICF-ACSTH accreditation status that takes you directly to earn the ICF Global Coach who can practice and is recognized anywhere in the world.
  12. Learn under seasoned coach practitioners, (not academic lecturers), for ‘street wise’ ways for highly practical coaching methods.
  13. Learn more coaching skills quickly than just acquiring coaching knowledge.
  14. Become a more holistic coach who can develop the mental strength and performance excellence.
  15. Sustain your coaching skills through our complete coach support during and after your studies.
  16. Get exposed to a multitude of local and international coaching initiatives that will solidify your coaching experience, track record and open up business and networking opportunities for you.
  17. Have a permanent coaching home in the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches, an alumni for specially for CCA coaches and coach-students.

Program Brief and Coverage

A Foundation Module of Global Class - Coach Certification Program from QR and Corporate Coach Academy (CCA) collaboration, is a pioneer and award winner coaching institute in Asia Pacific.

Comprehensive approach in Coach learning program with International Coach federation (ICF) standard competencies. This ICF ACSTH/ACTP accredited program is an 16 hours coach learning and supervised coaching practice.

The program is concised into 8 modules covering New Age Leadership Principles, Coaching Model, 5 Tools & Techniques.

Expected Outcome

  • Make a major shift in mindset and behaviors from directive to non-directive method of leadership
  • Acquire some critical coaching skills.

Learning Method

Participant will go through experiential learning engagement focusing in obtaining understanding about coaching conception and the differentce with others intervention, and experience tons of skill practicing exercise.

Targeted Outcome

To participant to become powerful today and future leaders through major mindset shifting from telling to provoking thoughts and ideas; and acquire critical coaching skills.


  1. Module 1: Make Coaching Works For You
  2. Module 2: Develop People For Now and The Future
  3. Module 3: Use A Coaching Model That Works Every Time
  4. Module 4: Acquire 8 Global Coaching Skills
  5. Module 5: Ask Powerful Questions
  6. Module 6: Listen Intuitively
  7. Module 7: Empower People To Greatness
  8. Module 8: Give Feedback Powerfully

Program Duration and Schedules

16 hrs 4 within 2 weeks

Commencemencing 15 September 2021, with detail schedules:

15 September 2021, 08.30 - 12.00: Module 1 - 2

16 September 2021, 08.30 - 12.00: Module 3 - 4

22 September 2021, 08.30 - 12.00: Module 5 - 6

23 September 2021, 08.30 - 12.00: Module 7 - 8


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Dengan investasi sebesar Rp 2.900.000,- Anda akan mendapatkan akses untuk sesi diskusi interaktif dengan coach, pengetahuan yang lebih mendalam tentang kolaborasi, latihan, serta mendapatkan umpan balik pembelajaran.


Course Staff Image #1

Nurleli Susetiyo, PCC, CMC, MPM

Founder, CEO

Corporate Advisor and Executive Leadership Coach dan founder Quality Resources – Management Solution yang mempunyai misi untuk memberdayakan setiap individu menyelaraskan sikap dan mental dengan tujuan dan performa yang diinginkan.

Nurleli seorang praktis industri perbankan dengan latar belakang panjang sebagai senior leader dalam berbagai area bisnis termasuk Sales & Distribution, PMO dan Process Improvement, Service Quality, Human Resources and Learning.

Nurleli juga seorang practical consultant untuk solusi manajemen yang komprehensif, khususnya di area business performance, process quality, customer experience dan leadership development. Nurleli adalah Corporate dan Executive Leadership Coach yang dengan ICF PCC credential telah melakukan lebih dari 2000 jam coaching terhadap klien lokal dan global.

Frequently Asked Questions

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