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Coaching Collaboration

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Collaboration is an essential component of running any enterprise, commercial or otherwise. Collaboration improves working together, diversity in solving complex problems. Collaboration is a critical contributor factor to overall business success.

As a business owner, manager or employee, it’s paramount to understand the importance of collaboration. As much as businesses should learn why collaboration is important, they need to understand other elements of a collaborative workplace and obtain ability to leverage collaboration to meet various objectives and goals.

This program is a quick guidance on how to drive collaborative workplace and to turn unhealthy internal competition to collaboration as organization competitive advantage. Build collaborative workplace will allow organization to achieve higher result exponentially.

Program Brief

To drive and leverage collaboration requires certain elements in place, covering the will - skill - and environment. This program is designed to be a quick guidance for participants to understand and acquire basic ability to drive them..

Learning Coverage

An essential learning program based on proven study about collaboration, the key success and chanllenging factors, collaboration case study and skill practice.

Learning Method

Participants will go through experiential learning using coaching engagement focusing in understanding the importance and the element of collaboraobtaining and obtaining skills in coaching collaboration.

Targeted Outcome

To equip business owner, manager or employee to become high effective collaborator who are able to drive and leverage collaborative workplace as competitive advantage..


  • Module 1: Setting Collaborative Mind.
  • Module 2: Powerful Collaboration Skill.
  • Module 3: Create Collaborative Environment.
  • Coaching Collaboration Practices.

Program Duration

1 day program, delivered in 2 sessions within 2 days

Commencemencing 27 October 2021, with detail schedules:

27 October 2021, 08.30 - 12.00: Module 1 - 2

28 October 2021, 08.30 - 12.00: Module 3 - Coaching Collaboration Practices


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Course Staff Image #2

Hazri Rohilio

Coach and Founder Winning Minds

Hazri is the founder of Winning Minds, a Malaysia-based leadership coaching practice that he set up in 2016. He is a certified business and workplace coach and draws his professional experiences primarily from his time in the financial industry. He now focuses on leadership development for his clients through using what he pioneered as Winning Minds’s in-house HIJRA methodology. Over the span of more than 20 years, Hazri’s professional career covered both corporate and government sectors. In his corporate life, he was a transformation and change management guru in a large regional banking institution (Maybank) based in Malaysia (Deputy Chief Transformation Officer) & in Indonesia (Chief of Strategy & Transformation) where he drove transformation programs and mentored change agents.”

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